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"Nova is a modern day priestess who through the path of her own embodied healing journey, holds space for others on theirs. In this spirit, she lovingly escorts you through your healing journey with Kambo, stepping in when necessary, but most importantly, stepping back with reverence to allow the Kambo to do its work. A curator of healing, Nova is truly a part of the medicine being imparted."

Adrian, 33

"Thank you for taking the time to sit with me. Truly transformative. You have such a mighty heart to serve our people in this way and share the magic of this beautiful medicine!"

Hayleé, 25

"Thank you for holding secure space during such a vulnerable time. With words and songs, I felt very safe to let myself be fully emersed in the medicine. I also felt very informed about the preparation before the ceremony as well as having support after. Thank you sister! Feeling the post Kambo glow!"

Free, 28

"Power and Peace... These are the secrets revealed to me during my healing quest under the guidance of Nova, my guardian angel. The way she handles herself, upholding always the truth and the law of righteous sacred practice left me in awe. Please, do yourself a favor and ask her to pray with you. You will feel the power of her intent towards your prompt healing.

"It was my first time experiencing the blessing of the holy frog medicine. Nova held this sacred space for me. She was kind, well versed in her practice, she carries the blessing of the Mother herself to provide this medicine. She provided clean water, a peaceful place to rest, a very nurturing green drink (make sure you ask for it) and most important of all, her eternal friendship.

Dear reader, it is with my outmost expression to honor and recommend to you this wonderful practitioner of Kambo. May this divine journey of healing be strengthened by the Divine Mother residing in this medicine provided by this wonderful light being."

Gustavo, 42



Portland, OR

Grants Pass, OR

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