Hi there,

I'm Nova

and I help earth angels manifest their dream life through embracing the power of natural medicines and tribal economy.


Thriving health and abundant wealth are the birthright of every single person on this planet, yet because of our separation out of tribal living it is not available to everyone as it should be.


My mission is to support communities to collaborate deeply with each other and therefore thrive physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially within regenerative models of self healing and service to others. I do this by supporting healing artists, lightworkers, and heart centered leaders to live so abundantly that they are able to birth the new paradigm and live freely to live as they desire.


As a plant medicine priestess, certified Kambo practitioner, intuitive eating guide, and wholistic business mentor, I have the honor to empower the rebel angels of the world to share their gifts boldly and unapologetically. But of course, it's my personal journey of self healing that led me to this place...

Many years ago I was living a completely different life than I am now. I felt hopeless at the state of the world in massive disarray and I was clouded with the suffering that I felt humanity experiencing every day. I could barely get out of bed in the morning, and when I did I hated who I saw in the mirror. My face and neck were coated in deep painful pus filled pimples. The anger I felt for myself and the tragedy of the world manifested on my face. I could barely look anyone in the eye and when I did my deep suffering lashed out crying for help.

I didn’t know why I hated myself, I just did. And to numb those feelings of hate, fear, and shame I took to anything I could get my hands on: food, social media, television, partying, sex, alcohol, and even hard drugs. The deeper I fell into addiction the more I wanted to escape. Nothing could fill the dark hole of depression, anxiety, and fear of the state of the world and my place in it, so I dug myself deeper and deeper into that hole for many years until finally I reached out to get help, and instead received the traumatizing diagnosis of bipolar disorder.


One unsuspecting day, a fellow dancer in my performance troupe offered an invitation to learn more about superfood plant nutrition and how it had transformed her life. At that time I was very suspicious of anyone who seemed to be truly happy in life, but something inside me motivated me to inquire more. I decided to try a ten day transformation, and ten days later I had inspiration, clarity, and hope like I had never experienced before. I was able to deal with stressful situations with ease, my skin was clearing up, my constant bloating disappeared, my depression and anxiety calmed, and I actually felt joy in life for the first time in what felt like forever


Even though I was already eating healthy and plant based, I had never experienced health on this level that superfood plant nutrition was giving me. I learned about how gut health affects our mental health, and how to cleanse my body from the toxic pesticides rampant in the American food supply. Cleansing, detoxifying, and nourishing my body to this depth began to awaken my spirit from the inside out. As my gut healed, my body healed. As my body healed, my mind healed. And as my mind healed, I began to feel a true love for myself for the first time in my life.

Soon after, I began to discover the world of shamanic healing. Learning about the healing power of earth medicines like Ayahuasca and Kambo fascinated me and I dove in deep to receive my own direct experience. I learned of people healing diseases we were taught had no cure: things like cancer, depression, bipolar, autoimmune diseases, chronic physical and mental illnesses that we were taught one would have to live with their entire lives. How could medicines this powerful be kept hidden away like a secret? Why didn’t more people know there were healthy natural options to heal these illnesses that are completely debilitating to live with?


The more I explored this world of shamanic healing and earth medicines, the more I realized there was a need for much more character, integrity, and heart centered service in the leaders of these communities. After multiple experiences with self centered, egotistical, and unsafe practitioners, I decided that I too would dedicate myself to the experience and training necessary to become a safe space for women and marginalized peoples to receive the healing medicines and support that they are entitled to as citizens of this earth.


Over the span of the last five years, I’ve traveled to the Amazon jungle on multiple occasions to receive the teachings and blessings of two of the indegenious tribes that carry these medicines: Shipibo and Matzes. I spent almost a month with each of them, living in their villages, learning from their elders, and receiving personalized training to share these medicines with my communities in a safe, healing, and integrous way. With this sacred wisdom and a humble heart, I began my work as a plant medicine priestess and certified kambo practitioner, here in the US, where these medicines are desperately needed for the healing of bodies, minds, and spirits. 

Now I live a life of vibrant physical and mental health. This foundation has allowed me to heal beyond what I thought was possible and embody the essence of my heart’s desires: to empower healers, coaches, and heart centered leaders to build their dream lives simply by sharing these healing tools. Earth medicines and superfood plant nutrition saved my life so I commit myself to spending my life sharing them with others. Through this I earn my living in the world and live abundantly. The power of my personal healing has allowed me to expand my mission and support other earth angels like myself to earn their income through sharing these much needed resources with their communities. Because when healers, coaches, and heart centered leaders are sustained physically and financially they have the power to share their healing gifts full time, and that's what we need more of in this world: Full time healers. Full time leaders. Full time lovers of humanity.

Welcome, Rebel Angel.



Eugene, OR

Portland, OR

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